Zigavus medicine cosmetic started to serve pharmacies in İzmir in 2007. With its first product in Turkey, the odorless garlic shampoo, it started to take his place in pharmacies as a shampoo resistant to hairloss. And as a result of consumer satisfaction, it grew the business and started to deal its products to all along the Aegean Region in 2008. Then it was spread out to whole regions in Turkey. And by entering into agreement with pharmacies in Turkey it took its place in the sector. While it had been a product which was available only on the shelves of the pharmacies untill 2010, it started to sell its products to most European countries especially Germany, England, Greece in the same year. Zigavus which was planning to achieve also in global market is now planning to be the leader in Turkey and spread out to the global market by keeping up commercial negotiation with Japan, Russia, Kosovo, Serbia, Azerbaijan. Garlic is an indispensible natural substance which is used in natural treatments for more than 5000 years. Garlic whose efficiency in hairloss is accepted by everybody hadn’t been used because of its undesired odor. Our shampoo has presented the marvel of garlic to his customers who complain about the hairloss by isolating the Sulfur compounds in garlic and the substances which cause odor Zigavus Garlic Shampoo was approved as a result of skin irritation result made by Ege University Medicine Development and Pharmacokinetic Research-Application Center (ARGEFAR). Between 03.12.2007-04.02.2008 a clinical assessment on the effects of Zigavus Garlic Shampoo in hairloss was maintained by Dr. Hamid AYDIN- Project director and his team. This clinical assessment shows that Zigavus Garlic Shampoo is approved as an efficient and new treatment againist hairloss in terms of clinical efficacy patient tolerability by both the doctors and the patients themselves
Our Vision
- to present our natural and herbal products to our customers as Zigavus Company. - to refresh our products by taking our pharmacists’ and doctors’ advices and consumers expectations into account. - to maximize the quality values by keeping the R&D activities in the forefront. - to introduce the innovation to the sector.
- to become the leader and the innovator in our area - to make our products available for all the people around the World, - to provide consumers with the maximum –benefits - to present the best the highest quality to our consumers - to achieve customer sattisfaction.